Our History

Faith Baptist Church service
 We are and have been a historical Bible preaching Baptist church since 1972.

   We want to clearly identify with the churches of the New Testament. We are so thankful for those who have gone before to pave the way for us!!! While many churches are compromising in so many areas we are committed to standing for the historical, Biblical truths that have marked Baptist churches from the days of the New Testament until now.

   Faith Baptist Church has wonderful, loving, and dedicated folks. The faithfulness of FBC members is seen in many ways, including sacrificial giving and helping whenever the need arises! We want to reach the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Preaching the truth, personal witnessing, and practical Bible living, is what we are about. We love being saved. We love singing, preaching, and praying. We love God, God’s Word, God’s songs, God’s people, and God’s work. We love ”old fashioned” preachers, missionaries, musicians, and dedicated christian workers. We love quality living that comes with loving the Lord! We love seeing others get saved by the grace of God.

   We would love to have you visit us… we want folks to know the Lord, and we would like to know you! We are not a large church but we serve a great God and He has given us a huge opportunity to serve Him… Jesus said to pray the Lord of the harvest that He would send forth laborers. What a job we have before us… with our weekly church ministry and outreach, music, mission churches, missionaries, Christian school, Bible institute, aviation program, etc., we do have much to accomplish. The Bible says we are laborers together with God.

   We are trusting the Lord for His continual hand of blessing. God has a mission for you and it could be serving the Lord with us here in Spokane… we will be praying for you!!!